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We had he opportunity to chat with Max Rushed of Soccer Am last week.  Here is the what he had to say…

Where did it all start for you?  Did you intend to be an television and radio presenter?

Well I’m not sure really.  I did grow up telling people I wanted to be Des Lynam.  But I didn’t really do anything about it until I was 22.  I just kind of went to Uni (I studied history) and didn’t think about what I really wanted to do when I was a grown up.  Then I graduated and all my friends got proper jobs in London and I thought I better get one, thought advertising might be interesting, but it wasn’t, so I emailed some guy who a mate of mine had emailed at the BBC, he got me into BBC Sport Online for two weeks.

At the end of it, he said I was good at the job but everyone thought I was a twat.  I was just a bit cocky, and (hopefully) have learned from that since (and apologise to the people who were there!).  From there, I started on local radio at BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, worked my way up, went to BBC London, did the same, and then sent a showreel to Sky with no real thought or hope of getting anything.  The boss called me in, we chatted about Cambridge United for an hour and 2 months later I was the Soccer AM presenter.  Genuinely a dream come true.

You are a Cambridge United fan.  What is your favourite league goal of all time? 

League goal – is Gary Rowett, 94th minute vs Port Vale. It was snowing, ORANGE BALL (I love an orange ball), and I can’t remember anything else about the game, but it was freezing.

There are some better in the Cup.  Lee Philpott’s volley v Bristol City in the 5th Round FA Cup replay in 1991.  Dion away at Arsenal the following round…

Any dislikes currently about the game?

I guess like everyone I’m worried about people not being able to afford to go to football.  Chatting to some Man United fans after we played them in the FA Cup, it’s so different.  If I want to go to a game, I just go.  I know it’s obvious, but I’d never thought that, as a kid, I wouldn’t be able to go and see my football team, but that’s the reality for a lot of fans in the Premier League and even some Championship clubs.

I also still play Saturday football (I’m captain of Polytechnic 4s in the Southern Amateur League – I have an availability spreadsheet and everything).  And I’m hugely passionate about grassroots football and getting people involved in playing at that level.  So it’s less a dislike, more just a hope that amateur football keeps going.  There are so many brilliant volunteers that work tirelessly to make it all possible.

Clearly there are issues with corruption, backhanders, racism, homophobia, sexism that all need addressing – but I like to think there’s an (almost) universal desire to fix all of them.

Any memorable moments (fuck ups, embarrassing times) that spring to mind that have happened live?

Where do you want to start???  Nothing beats my Stevie Wonder moment.  Trevor Nelson was on the show.  He’s a lovely bloke.  He’d lost Stevie’s phone number, and well – just watch….

What do you enjoy most about Soccer AM?

Honestly, I think it’s the best job in telly.  All my friends ask what I might go on to do, and if I’m honest I thought i’d do it for 2/3 years when I started, but I know for certain that whatever I go on to do, it won’t be as fun.  Like, I can cook, but I’m not sure I want to do it on telly.  I was a fan of the week with my mates 15 years ago.  I watched the show growing up, so I’m so proud to present it.   I can’t believe it’s 7 years.  It goes so, so fast.

Also I love football, but I don’t take it too seriously – I don’t think that means I love it any less, it just doesn’t define my mood.  Or more accurately, when Cambridge, or my Saturday team win, I’m really happy, but when they lose, I get over it pretty quickly – so I don’t want to analyse the game in huge detail, I just want to play it, watch it, and enjoy it – and Soccer AM is the perfect place to do that.

Any favourite guests? (are you allowed favourites?)

Sure I am!  Mr T.  He wins.  Hands down.  It’s Mr T!  What else do you want?

We have loads of favourites: people that get it and don’t take themselves too seriously….only this week we had Luis Garcia, a Liverpool legend, a rugby league player called Jon Wilkin and two Hollywood actors: Kevin Hart and Josh Gad.  They all just got it, they got involved, they talked to each other, and it was a joy to do.  If i could pick that sofa every week I would!

Is there any tools or things you need to have with you at all times for work?   Excluding yourself!

Aside from being called one a fair amount on twitter, nope.  I don’t really care for gadgets and things.  I only have one app on my phone.  I don’t really care for fast cars, or anything really.  I spend my money on travel – I love going to South America and finding some hammock in the middle of nowhere and sleeping in it.

So for TV I need:  an ear piece, and some trousers.  On the radio, I just need trousers.  I’ll normally wear a top…if you know where I can get some nice ones, let me know.  Cheers.

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