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Here at The Daily Cloth we like to keep an eye out for creative and unique individuals.
We have pieced together an interview with photographer Jacob Riglin if you are not familiar with him check out his instagram page here: @Jacob

Jacob tells us about his photography and what he needs to execute his profession.

1. Where are you from ?

I was born and live in Richmond, South West London.

2. How old are you? 

I’m 20 Years Old, born in 94.

3.How long have you been taking photos ?

I have been taking photos for about 4 years now but I would say since January 2014, when I started my @jacob Instagram page, that is when I really began to push my work to limit and try to create new and exciting content.

4. When did you start to develop your style ?

My style is still evolving, I constantly try and keep my work varied and different so haven’t yet set on one particular style. Experimenting with new techniques and processes is something I love and I enjoy keeping myself open to new ideas. If I had to narrow it down, I would say currently my favourite style of photography is urban landscapes and long exposure photography. Capturing a sense of unbelievable scale and awe is something I strive for. If I can create a photo that makes someone take a second glance at it then I know I have done it right and then I’ll be satisfied.

5. What is your inspiration ?

My inspiration has come from all over, famous photographers like Ansel Adams and his incredible landscape work which blows my mind, to people I follow on Instagram. The photographers I shoot with on a daily basis and of course my family, my girlfriend and my friends who are the biggest supporters also all push me to achieve more. I couldn’t put it down to one thing but that mixture of people above makes me determined to succeed.

6. How do you come up with your visual content ?

I spend hours every day trawling the internet, learning about locations, seeing what has already been done and finding angles that haven’t yet been used or shot to give myself the best chance at a unique photo. I study process and techniques and experiment with them in the field. My visual content is a mixture of the most well planned shoots to the luckiest angle and moment which I have managed to capture. I also watch a huge amount of films, and this may seem strange but studying how a film is shot can give you a huge amount of ideas to put in practice.

7. How and why did you start climbing ?

I’ve always been a fan of heights and a fan of abandoned/derelict buildings, usually these come hand in hand. It was only a few months ago I first start scaling rooftops and cranes, It was after going on a shoot with an awesome parkour fellow, he showed me a few cool spots and I was instantly hooked. The angles you can achieve are like nothing you have ever seen, unique perspectives give you a whole host of new shots and being able to sit and look down over a city or wild landscape is the best feeling. The degree of difficulty is also something I enjoy, its a sense of achievement getting up to a new rooftop.

8. What process goes in to your images (time length / editing) before you display to the public ? 

I’m big into my post processing, It gives you so much space to build on you images and make something truly wonderful, I find taking the photo is only half of the work, getting it into your editing suite is the next best bit. I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to edit my work. Sometimes this can be as simple as a few enhancement like sharpening and colour correcting which can take 10-15 minutes but other times, when you have several photos you need to blend or major imperfections in one photo you can spend in excess of 2-3 hours if not longer perfecting a photo. To me that is all part of the fun, it’s where you can let your creative side out and make something remarkable which may not always be possible to achieve straight from the camera.

9. What is coming up in the future ? 

Well from the end of February i’ll
be travelling for 3 months, Australia and most of Asia and then across to Canada and the U.S for a few weeks. Culture and a load of photography, I can’t wait! After that I don’t have much in the pipeline but i’m sure ill be kept busy with photography work. As for the more distant future, taking photos as a career would be the general plan, let’s hope for the best, I’m definitely not going to slow it down!

10. What is your favourite image you have taken ?

That is a huge question, I have so many favourites which all taken in such varying conditions etc. There is a group of photos I took in Richmond Park before christmas and although they are so different from my landscapes and city shots they were some of the best photos I feel I have ever taken. They would certainly be some of my favourites. Then of course many of the London shots I have, the famous Landmarks and the obscure angles, all of them hold a place as some of my favourites, I couldn’t completely narrow it to one shot as they all have their positives and negatives. I guess i don’t have a favourite yet, but i’m sure that will come.


Tripod: Manfrotto 055 Carbon 4 section
Tripod: Joby Pro Gorillapod
Filters: Lee Big Stopper, Lee Gradual ND filter set
Camera: Canon 5Dmk3
Lens: 16-35mm f/4 and 24-105mm f/4
Canon Remote Shutter Release
iPhone 6
GoPro 4 Silver
Mac Book Pro 15″
3 Canon Batteries
4 Sandisk Extreme Memory Cards


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