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Aston Villa legend Ian Taylor spoke to us about all things football and IT7 headphones…

Where did it all start for you Ian? Did you have a love for the game and intentions to be a player early on?

It started in the last year of junior school. I just kind of had kickabouts in the school playground before that and I actually started off as a goalkeeper! I was then asked to play outfield one week when we were short and never looked back!!

Do you have a favourite or notable moment from your career?

There has been a few really. The best would have to be scoring on my home debut at Villa Park in a win against Chelsea. All my friends and family were there and I scored in front of the Holte End where I stood as a boy. What dreams are made of! Other highlights though were playing at Wembly twice in a week in my 1st season as a pro for Port Vale. We won the Autoglass Trophy(FL Trophy now) and lost in the play off final v WBA. Also played in the last FA Cup final at the old Wembley also against Chelsea but lost 1-0. Worst final ever! Then got promotion with Northampton town at the end of my career at ripe old age of 37!

What do you think you would have done for a job if it wasn’t football?

I was actually training to be an electrician when I was younger but then gave that up to be a forklift truck driver! I would probably have liked to get back to training to be an electrician though!

The IT7 headphones…where did this idea come from and please tell us everything behind it.

It’s all because of Aston Villa really. I am currently the Club Ambassador so I travel all over the world representing the football club at various events. I was with the team on a tour of the far east and met with the MD of an audio and phone accessories company called Bluechipworld Sales and Marketing. He has an office in Hong Kong where we were and is a big Villa fan,so decided to come and watch while we were there. We got talking over a few drinks after one of the events and he asked me if I was interested in launching a new premium brand of headphones and speakers etc. Always been into my music so it really appealed to me. We got back and discussed,I even had a hand in drawing the logo! iT7 Audio was born with lots of sports people and celebs following and wearing the brand. We’ve supplied the England football and cricket teams,supplied the X Factor too so its been fantastic with more big things to follow!! We now have an amazing range with the iT7x2 the flagship with more products on the production line. iT7 Audio is growing by the day and it’s been an amazing ride in a short space of time!!

Is there any tools or items you have to have with you on a daily basis to carry out your work?

Obviously phone and ipad but I use my wireless speaker ALL the time in the office as you don’t have to pick your phone up and have it at your ear all the time now. I never go on any journey without my iT7x2 wireless headphones either!

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