Tyler, The Creator – Ziploc (Freestyle).

Tyler, The Creator has been having quite the year so far, boasting the most critically and commercially successful album of his career. Flower Boy featured an experimental flavor, with Tyler’s jazz and RnB influences shining through on the musical tip. Lyrically, Tyler spared no detail on his personal life, which led to many feeling more connected to the rapper than ever before. In short, he’s come a long way since the days of the ominous, yet dope “Yonkers.”

While Tyler’s recent projects have been heavy on the melodic side, it’s easy to forget that he can deliver some serious bars. Tyler’s always been a solid all-around rapper, with clever lyrics, and amazing voice, and a sharp flow, but albums like Cherry Bomb cast rhymes aside in favor of sonic experimentation. However, it would appear that Tyler has been struck with a lightning bolt of inspiration, proving that even after dropping an album, he still has gas left in the tank. In fact, on his latest drop, Tyler sounds downright frustrated.

Over Jay-Z & NO I.D’s stunning “4:44” instrumental, Tyler lets his frustration guide the rhymes as he airs out anyone still sleeping on his latest project. While Jay-Z used the opportunity to clear the air about some widely publicized familial drama, Tyler makes it clear that you better put some respect on his game, and fast.