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TheSneakersBox, a guide to sneaker culture | Not For Resale.

TheSneakersBox today released a softcover book, the first ever printed and complete sneaker store guide for general consumption. As a sample, the distribution has been selective, but the promise is that it will be released in a few months and available to the general public.

“It is with great pleasure, that we bring to you the first book that contains a complete guide to sneaker stores worldwide. This project started based on hopes and dreams, a magnificent team has been formed, all by professionals that work in the footwear industry and offer a full 360 degree coverage to brands, stores and sneaker events alike” said Guillermo Erice, co-author of the book. “The point of the book is for it to be a recap of the previous year’s sneakers, with a very complete guide to sneaker stores. There are no up-to-date guides and this was a necessity” claims Paolo Beghini, director of the project.

Just in time for the heavy traveling months for sneaker enthusiasts with major events happening in late spring / early summer, this book will certainly be a must-have for many of those on the go. But TheSneakersBox is a full service agency that has launched the book now, because of the tangibility of a good, but the project “is so much more” the two go on. “What we offer is the possibility of reaching a very niche group through our services that go from photography to reviews and appeal widely to major brands, events and sneaker stores.

TheSneakersBox offers the possibility of putting an extensive network of people in contact, making any message practically viral. “We have been working extremely hard on this project trying to get it up and running, and we believe we have finally hit the nail on its head. We think we have the winner here” said Guillermo at his Madrid office.

The duo have been collaborating for over 2 years and, with over 20 years experience in the footwear industry, they know the ins and outs of the industry. “Knowledge is power, and after running into each other in different countries and always exchanging words, contacts and handwritten guides, it became clear that there was a true need for a guide. Something special. TheSneakersBox is exactly that” adds Guillermo.

The team is also working on an App, that will put all of this information at the tip of your fingertips when traveling abroad. The full service boutique is based out of Trento and Madrid, giving the project a privileged situation and great access to two up and coming sneaker scenes that are far from being explored.

Expect to see more in the next couple of days and be sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and check out their site (which will also be relaunched with the first edition of the book).

-TheSneakersBox team

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