FOOT LOCKER EXCLUSIVE: adidas Originals releases new TRESC RUN franchise.

adidas Originals releases new TRESC RUN franchise

Remember the 90’s? When street fashion came to life. Color equaled expression. Everything wasn’t so darn serious. Statements were the standard and style was about standing out, not fitting in.

The new adidas Originals franchise TRESC RUN carries that flame. Fueled by the adidas archive TRESC RUN re-sparks the vibrant 90’s statement culture. Combining era specific adidas running legacy with bold graphic flame detailing. Creating a sneaker that resonates the time’s frame of mind, but is unmistakably now.

The TRESC upper is infused with the decade’s rich adidas design language. Generously adding layers of texture on top of a full length BOOST midsole.
To create the signature color blocked flame TRESC RUN premieres a special TPU plug-in infused in the BOOST midsole. Accounting for equal parts depth, stability and visual boldness. Not for the fainthearted.

On November 23rd the first black (EF0797) and grey (EF0796) TRESC RUN colorways drop exclusively at Foot Locker stores across Europe and at

Combine. Create. Leave a legacy.

TRESC_EF0796_ON-FOOT_-1_1080x1350 TRESC_EF0796_ON-FOOT_-2_1080x1350 TRESC_EF0797_ON-FOOT_-1_1080x1350 TRESC_EF0797_ON-FOOT_-2_1080x1350FW18_TRESC-RUN_M_GREY_3D_FRONT_1080x1350 FW18_TRESC-RUN_M_GREY_3D_SOLE_1080x1350 FW18_TRESC-RUN_M_GREY_ANGLE-1_HERO_1080x1350 FW18_TRESC-RUN_M_GREY_ANGLE-1-45_HERO_1080x1350 FW18_TRESC-RUN_M_GREY_CLOSE-UP-1_1080x1350 FW18_TRESC-RUN_M_GREY_CLOSE-UP-2_1080x1350 FW18_TRESC-RUN_M_GREY_SOLE_1080x1350 FW18_TRESC-RUN_M_3D_FRONT_W_1080x1350 FW18_TRESC-RUN_M_3D_SOLE_W_1080x1350 FW18_TRESC-RUN_M_ANGLE-1_HERO_W_1080x1350 FW18_TRESC-RUN_M_CLOSE_UP_1_W_1080x1350 FW18_TRESC-RUN_M_CLOSE-UP-2_W_1080x1350 FW18_TRESC-RUN_M_SOLE_W_1080x1350