Boot Buddy.

It’s everyone’s pet hate after a tough game of football, the dreaded boot clean. Hours upon hours a season spent with an old toothbrush, some soap and your bath tub scrubbing away at your favourite pair of boots. If only there was a more efficient way of getting this done

The Boot Buddy is here to flip that on it’s head.

The Boot Buddy is the ultimate portable cleaning device for muddy footwear. Not only is it an effective cleaning product but it’s also eco-friendly, being made from recyclable materials and using a limited amount of water. When using The Boot Buddy, you are not only saving yourself time, but you avoid the most dreaded cleaning scenarios of cleaning your muddy boots in the shower, destroying your mums sink and getting mud in places you did not think possible. The Boot Buddy uses 300ml of water, which is the perfect amount of water needed to clean a pair of muddy boots, saving you running a tap or a hose for sustained periods. Just simply unlock the brush head of the Boot Buddy and begin to scrub away the mud with the firm bristles combined with the water that comes from the central body of the boot buddy. It doesn’t stop there, for those stubborn lumps of mud, use the scraper on the other end to pick off the mud whether it’s wet or dry.

Why should you choose The Boot Buddy?
Well it’s a revolutionary portable cleaning device that will change the way people clean their footwear. Recieving the backing of Peter Jones, Touker Suleyman and Deborah Meaden on Dragon’s Den, Boot Buddy allows you to have fun while doing something that will otherwise be a chore. The Boot Buddy is leak proof, so you can pop it into your bag and use it on the go without having to wait to get home to clean your boots. This means you can clean your boots at the side of the pitch ‘Leaving The Outdoors Outside’, which is the motto we live by.

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