Nike launches new The 1 Reimagined Collection.

Following the hugely successful The 1 Reimagined collection, where 14 gifted female designers reimagined the Air Jordan 1 and the Air Force 1, Nike has released a selection of brand new colourways.

Where before their colour palette was a subtle off white, the new collection is bursting with colour. From Light Blue, Luminous Green, Geode Teal, Cinder Orange and Violet Mist, each colour has its own archetype;

Light Blue, which is calm and soothing; Luminous Green, which is optimistic and progressive; Geode Teal, which is grounded and bold; Cinder Orange, which is warm and spicy; and Violet Mist, which is light and ethereal.

The collection is ready to buy now, via Nike’s brand new Unlaced platform:

The 1 Reimagined 1 The 1 Reimagined 2 The 1 Reimagined 3 The 1 Reimagined 4 The 1 Reimagined 5 The 1 Reimagined 6