The SS19 collection represents an updated direction for the HI-TEC® brand, by adding two new silhouettes from one specific era from the brand’s past – the HI-TEC® Adventure Racing Series years (1989 – 1999).  The brand continues to focus on expanding its consumer and retail reach by creating hybrids of past and present HI-TEC® styles that combine the brand’s proven outdoor capabilities, developed over the past 43 years with its iconic heritage sport uppers. The result has consistently been a range of heritage silhouettes updated with a modern aesthetic and superior technologies.
The 4 silhouettes offered in the SS19 HI-TEC® HTS74 collection include:
HTS74 BW INFINITY (New This Season):
BW Infinity was a HI-TEC®  best seller in 1989 due to its groundbreaking hybrid trail and road-running features. It was designed specifically for the 146-mile ultra-marathon races in Badwater, California, which took runners from the dust plains of Badwater to the top of Mount Whitney. The RollinGait System (“RGS”) used was developed by HI-TEC® as an ongoing trail running feature in 2011. The density outsole has since been optimized to fit the streets.  This VIBRAM outsole is exclusive to HI-TEC®.
HTS74 BXT BLAST (New This Season):
Throughout the 1980’s, as gyms became fashionable and cross training became more popular, the BLAST was one of HI-TEC®’s best selling styles. Suitable for any sport, as it was light and athletic with a herringbone outsole for support. It provided grip on grass and clay and a non-marking rubber outsole.
HTS74 SILVER SHADOW RGS (Returning This Season):
The original HI-TEC® Silver Shadow established itself as Britain’s top-selling running shoe as there was simply no better all-purpose training shoe on the market in the early 1980’s. The upper pattern, a modern re-design of the original 1981 Silver Shadow, has since been updated with HI-TEC®’s proprietary RollinGait System (“RGS”) outsole, developed in collaboration with VIBRAM. The RGS system has an innovative midsole and outsole combination that supports the natural movement of the foot that reduces muscle fatigue.
HTS74 FLASH ADVENTURE RACER (Returning This Season):
The A.R.S. (Adventure Racing Series) is a re-introduction of a collection developed in 1992, designed to perform in adventure races, such as today’s Tough Mudder and obstacle racing. It is a hybrid shoe designed for Trail Running and Light Hiking. The VIBRAM outsole used on the Flash Adventure Racer is developed for performance trail-running and includes the RGS tooling system, proprietary toHI-TEC®.
Available from and key stockists such as DSM London & Ginza, I.T. Hong Kong, Matches, NAKED
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