Armor Lux AW18 Men’s Collection.

Armor Lux’s AW18 collection is as strong as their other collections and sees Armor Lux still evolving to cater to an urban customer as well as evolve into a more sportswear look.

Their collection is based on its inspiration in the colours of the sea and in the values of its country, Brittany. Their AW18 Men’s collection is the epitome of eminent clothing that suits the period of colder days that is among us. Their collection includes timelessly chic and classic pieces and is made from high-quality material that reflects a modern and contemporary Man. 

The Armor Lux’s Men’s AW18 collection includes essentials for the upcoming months ahead. Clothing items include classic Bretons, jackets, trousers, jumpers, shirts, skirts, scarfs, socks, hats and bags.

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