The Molesworth Street House.

Designed and built by Chan Architecture in Melbourne, Australia, took a house built in the Edwardian period and updated it into a modern residence. The house sits on a narrow lot in Kew, Australia, making updating it a particularly interesting challenge. Chan opted to expand the house in a slim fashion. The original structure’s entrance hallway serves as the gateway into the home. A new staircase and wine wall are described as statement additions and help to not only transition between the original home, but to also create a new mood for the addition. A light court and a main living area, with rotating screens that open to expose panels of glass, provide space to come together. The kitchen and dining spaces were also opened up to allow more light into the home. A counterweighted split fold window in the living room can also be opened up to more fully enjoy the yard. A total of five bedrooms, with a sitting room, add to the living space.

Access to the backyard terrace is gained through folding doors. Chan maintained the existing trees, adding to the charm of the home, not to mention helping to maintain the neighborly feel of the community. You’ll also find a lap pool with a hot tub. And finally, a two-car garage to get your cars off the road.

Despite the mix of styles–Edwardian in the front and modern in the rear–the home is welcoming and cosy.

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